I’ve Found a Dog!

Exciting times!

I stumbled across a charity called Ra-Na, who rescue dogs from Africa. Being a massive lefty snowflake, I couldn’t resist havng the conversation.

I know and have already had lots of people tell me that there are plenty of animals that need rescuing in the UK. To be quite honest, i’m sure they’re right, but i like a good story.

During this conversation, after semi falling in love with every dog shown to me, along came this little fella;

His name is Caesar, and he is adorable.

Like most dogs in Tunisia, Caesar is a mix of all sorts of doggo, and hasn’t had a lovely life. All of that is about to change! 🙂

If you are looking to get a pooch (or a cat), please do consider adopting.

You can get hold of Ra-na here – https://www.ra-na.com/ or on info@ra-na.com. I spoke to Michaela and she was lovely 🙂

More updates to come!


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