What are we doing here?


I’m Danny. 25, living in Worcester and about to start an extremely exciting journey; to rescue a pooch to be my new best mate.

I love animals. So much so that most of my body is tattooed with big cats, creepy crawlies and other forms of life. In fact, most of my house is dedicated to housing, feeding and amusing three cats, three degus, a Royal Python and a Rat Snake.

Since these are pretty low effort animals, it was suggested that i ‘borrow’ a pooch, just to make sure i’m prepared. Enter Rodney, pictured below with his feline brother, Albert.

Rodney the cavapoo with Albert, the cat
Over the next few weeks, i’ll be documenting the process of adopting, hopefully we can all learn something useful!


Danny (And Rodney.. for now)

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